lesson 15 (part 2)

…Rolling down hills. Having grass fights. Singing in the rain. Receiving real letters written in cursive. Knowing where all the bird’s nests are. Leaving spiderwebs alone. Asking stupid questions. Wishing on falling stars. Never going to bed angry. Asking for help.

Butterfly kisses. Winnie the Pooh. Campfire songs. Open sunroofs. Rides in the country. New socks. Tire swings. Recess. A bowl of cereal before bed. Fireworks. A good novel on the nightstand. Drive-in movies. The Serenity Prayer. Someone to confide in. A fat, juicy peach. Teddy bears with one eye.

Saying “I Love you” first. Telling the truth. Giving candy to trick-or-treaters. Reading the classics. Framing your photographs. Forgiving all debts. Carrying a camera. Making scarecrows. Using words everyone can understand. Checking the batteries. Not having to be right. Admitting when you are wrong.

Long walks in the woods. Riding a horse in the rain. Snow days. Karaoke. A new pair of shoes. Old pictures. A big, crunchy apple. Hayrides. Childhood games.

Being happy for the person who wins even when it isn’t you. Honking the horn. Sticking up for your best friend. Calling just to say hi. Writing a letter that starts out slow and ends up being five pages long. Crossing the state line. Sitting up all night talking to your mom. Trying not to laugh when you’re already in trouble.

Jeans that fit just right. Fudge. The love of a grandparents. Adrenaline. The first snowfall of the year. Family reunions. Psalm 23. Eskimo kisses from a three-year-old. A grilled cheese and tomato soup on a cold day. Puppies. Snow angels. The fresh scent of new sneakers. The smile on someone’s face when you do something unexpected.

Playing the license plate game. Watching old movies. Sitting on the front porch during a thunderstorm. Walking barefoot in the grass after a summer rain. Trying something new. Doing nothing for a day. Carving pumpkins. Treating people with respect. Knowing the consequences before you act. Calling in sick.

Knowing that you alone making everything come true. Following your heart. Having faith in yourself. Being free to do whatever you want when you want. Remembering who you are and where you came from.

Last Thursday, I shared the first half of lesson #15 from Regina Brett’s book Be the Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible. Today is the second half and just another reminder of what “the secret to live” really is. The secret to live is celebrating absolutely everything you can right here where you are. I’m reminded on a daily basis {especially as I get older} how meaningful and wonderful the simple everyday things in life really are. That’s something I’m saying thank you for today.

Hope you have a wonderful {positive!} Thursday!


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