happy news!

There’s nothing quite like receiving news that makes you so happy you could cry. I was lucky enough to experience it TWICE this past week! Not only was I celebrating my favorite holiday of the year, I was celebrating a new birth and a recent engagement! Yay!

My cousin Steve and his lovely wife Mary welcomed Patrick Tyler Frost into the world on Tuesday morning! They already have a beautiful daughter Krysta and I’m SO excited to visit the whole family in Portland later this summer.  How adorable is this little nugget?

On a different but equally exciting note, my best friend Kristen got engaged on Thursday evening! Ahhhh!!! She’s the first one of my super close friends to be engaged and I am literally so thrilled. Her fiance Dean is so awesome and they both are like family to me. Kristen is the definition of a queen – she’s someone who makes me better just by knowing her. I was screaming in excitement when I heard the news!

Happy news has left me a happy girl this week. I’m looking forward to what’s to come and continuing the celebrations for both the new baby and the newly engaged couple! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday xx



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