Weekend Snapshots

I‘ve wanted to press REPEAT on the past couple of weekends; this one was no exception! This weekend was a perfect mix of relaxing and being social. I enjoyed early morning cups of coffee, not setting an alarm clock, running outside, reading in the park and playing tourist in my own city. At the same time, I equally enjoyed non-stop laughter, insanely good food with friends and frolicking around the city dressed in a Beyonce-inspired outfit. Already counting down the days until the next!

Hope yours was lovely! xx

 {An impromptu hilarious Friday evening}

{*Finally* bought new tennies – picked out the right neon pink ones.}

{Oh you know, Facetiming with Max, our family dog}

 {This Facebook post from Katie that made me happy/sad at the same time}

 {Michelle doing the splits on Saturday afternoon…in heels.}

 {Our team during the Beyonce scavenger hunt the CLASH team hosted – SO SO fun.}

{Annnnnnnd…our team won the entire scavenger hunt! Wahoo! Also so happy Pat was in town from NYC for a quick visit!}

 {Sunday brunch}

 {A walk around the Palace of Fine Arts}

{Lots of (pretty) fog near the Golden Gate Bridge}

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