Thursday Thankful List

Hi hi! Happy Thursday! I find it super easy to be thankful for disposable things – the coffee I drink the morning, cozy blankets on my bed, my job, the city I live in, etc. etc. What I think is even more important to be thankful for is experiences. Rather than accumulating possessions, I am finding the value in accumulating experiences instead. Here’s just a few things experiences that I’m grateful for today. All things in today’s Thursday Thankful List are focused on the verb – doing, living – rather than just the normal “things” or add-ons in my life. I’m definitely looking forward to actively enjoying the next couple of months, rather than just watch them happen.

What experiences are you thankful for? xo!

Spending afternoons at brunch with friends
Sleeping in
Sending birthday cards to people in the mail {confetti included in envelope!}
Decompressing at yoga on Tuesday nights
Overlooking the entire city from the top of a cliff
Holding a squiggling puppy in my arms
Catching up on the phone with Katie

Being surprised
Smelling fresh flowers {preferably when they are bright pink peonies!}
Celebrating anything and everything
Singing at the top of my lungs {this ridiculous playlist always helps}
Wearing big bright flowers in my hair
Appreciating artwork
Learning to love who I am, where I’m at and where I’m going
Being adventurous

Exploring new neighborhoods
Gazing at orange and yellow and purple and pink sunsets
Sipping on hot peppermint tea
Reading a book that is just impossible to put down
Adding raspberries to my bowl of cereal
Hearing my sister’s voice on the phone
Digging my toes in the sand
Wearing these earrings from my mom

Watching a video/song someone sends you from a concert
Holding hands
Being more like my mom than I thought {per her last card: “We are on day three of weekend two of soccer. Good thing we love to see you girls participate in things! When I catch myself starting to grumble about it, I shift my thinking to gratefulness that we still can watch her.“}
Observing the goodness that comes from change
Smiling big – and purposefully
Lounging in the sun
Feeling incredibly small
Noticing happiness and excitement in daily moments

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