you're quite lucky!

I just had to share this quote. How often do we find ourselves complaining about situations we’re in or experiences we are going through? How often are we quick to get upset or mad about something that’s not so important? How often do we feel down, lonely or sad? Of course, we all have bad days – but I just love the depth that comes from this simple quote from Dr. Seuss.

Once I take a step outside of whatever situation I’m in or mood I’m in, I usually get a slap of reality in my face. A much needed sense of perspective. How dare I complain or be upset about the small, trivial problems I’m facing? I am lucky to have the life I do – and I’m lucky for the opportunity to pursue it and experience it to the fullest. There are some people in much worse situations {think: no running water, a lack of personal freedom and rights, failed governments, abusive relationships, a painful childhood, the list goes on and on…}. Our super small complaints don’t seem so important, do they? We’re all quite lucky.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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