There's so much you don't know yet – and that's thrilling.

I had three friends pass along this lovely Huffington Post article by Emma Gray titled “25 Things I Know About Life Now That I’m 25.” I’m absolutely obsessed! Here are just a few of my favorite tips and life lessons the author shared, but I definitely recommend reading the whole article here.

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1. You’re “not a girl, not yet a woman” — and that’s fabulous. Britney Spears was (loosely) right. There is such a thing as being in between adolescence and the more serious responsibilities of adulthood that come a bit later on. And it’s pretty great. Embrace the in between time wholeheartedly before you have to worry about a mortgage, a spouse and children.

2. The fear of missing out is worse than missing out. It’s impossible to do everything and see everyone and be everywhere at once, so there’s no point in making yourself crazy over it. And once you throw the FOMO out the window and stop regretting the things you aren’t doing, you can enjoy the ones you are a whole lot more.

4. It’s equally important to say yes against your better judgment once in awhile. Don’t neglect your social life. Some of the greatest adventures occur when you stop trying to plan everything out. There’s little more exhilarating than realizing that it’s 5 a.m., you’ve been out and about for 10 hours and you’re still not even remotely tired. You probably even have it in you to stop off at a 24-hour diner, sip coffee and split some 100 percent unhealthy curly fries with a friend.

8. You can stop judging yourself. Your body, your job and your love life might not be “perfect” — in fact, it’s a guarantee that they’re not. But at a certain point you just have to realize that no one gives a sh*t nearly as much as you do about your “flaws.” So take Nora Ephron’s advice: put on that bikini and rock it the whole decade long. You’ll thank yourself later.

11. Life is also too short for a bad work environment. Advocate for yourself when it comes to what you’re paid, the responsibilities you take on and whom you work with. If you don’t go to bat for yourself, no one else will.

12. Retail therapy is totally fine once in awhile. No purchase is worth clearing out your bank account, but when you can and want to, let yourself splurge a little. There have definitely been times when a new pair of shoes lifted my mood more than an well thought-out discussion about my emotional state ever could have.

13. Your parents are pretty cool. You can enjoy them in your 20s in a way that you couldn’t in your teens. Recognize that and choose to have fun with them instead of fighting with them.

17. Being single is really awesome. You get a big bed to yourself, you can do whatever you want whenever you want without consulting someone else, and you’re still at an age where a lot of other people are single too. I find that out of a relationship, I’m much more likely to get out of my apartment and try something new. Life can be fulfilling and fun without a romantic partner, and it’s important to experience that.

19. It’s OK to admit that you want a relationship. Admitting that you’d like to meet someone doesn’t mean you’re not independent and perfectly capable of getting along on your own. Also know that if you decide at some point that dating is a serious priority, you need to put some effort into the process.

23. It’s all right to change your mind about big things. This includes your job, your city and your life partner. Now’s the time. Your life doesn’t have to look the way you imagined it would at 18. It turns out, things rarely work out exactly the way you once thought you wanted them to anyway — and that’s usually a very good thing.

25. There’s so much you don’t know yet. And that’s thrilling.


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