all you need is faith, ballsiness and the audacity to believe you deserve happiness.

I don’t really talk about dating relationships or share those kind of articles on Polish My Crown often, but I couldn’t stop thinking about one I read earlier this week. This specific one wasn’t really an article, but instead an advice column response from the lovely Anna Pulley. One particular reader reached out to Anna asking “why people don’t want to date her” fearing she was viewed as too nice and quite bluntly – fearing she’s not pretty enough to get a boyfriend. And oh boy, did I feel like I could relate to that gal searching for a few simple answers about her dating life! Have you ever felt that way? Anna’s honest and empowering advice was exactly what I needed to read and was quite the crown polish as a new weekend approaches.

I highly recommend that both single and “taken” girls reach her advice here; my favorite part is below:

You’re operating from the assumption that guys don’t want to date you, but you need to approach it from the (not entirely true and somewhat egotistical but whatever) standpoint of, “Of course people want to date me. I’m [bleeping] awesome.” Or, a shorter way to say this: Have confidence. People who go on a lot of dates have it. You have it too; it’s what makes people describe you as “intelligent” and “personable.” It just hasn’t broken the surface yet.

As to Flirting 101, there are many websites that exist to tell us where to position our elbows or how often to blink in order to signal everlasting love, but that’s mostly bullshit. All you need is faith, ballsiness and the audacity to believe you deserve happiness. Embrace your strengths, and don’t let your weaknesses dictate your life. Be the confident girl who knows what she wants and pursues it forthrightly. Take chances, go outside your comfort zone, and live with as few regrets as possible until that girl bursts free.

I hope you approach this weekend with a bit of ballsiness and a whole lot of confidence! xx


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