don't run with scissors {and more advice}

Are you on Quora? I’m kinda obsessed. It’s a platform to ask and answer questions about absolutely everything. Anyway, I recently started “following” a question someone posted on Quora and I loved some of the responses. The question was: What general wisdom do people in their 40s and 50s have to pass down to people in their 20s or 30s?

Keeping your word, being kind to others and nurturing relationships are everything in the long run. Stay true to yourself. Don’t run with scissors.

This is a very basic thing often missed.  Being able to speak your mind and advocate for your own value in the world is one of the basic things I wish I had known more of starting out in my 20’s.  So often this is framed as offensive, selfish, you name it.  Truth is, that framing is just other people working to keep their own burden low, not having to speak as much for themselves because they’ve convinced others it is a bad idea, unless they are advocating for them. Failure to speak up means being told what to do by those that do speak up.

Tell the truth to everybody about everything. Maybe this will get you fired, or put an end to a personal relationship, but you should never be in a job or a relationship that can’t handle honesty. Love your people, and do what you say you’re going to.

Experiment, but avoid doing anything that can permanently damage you. Approach older people you admire and ask them if they would agree to be your mentors. You’d be surprised. Take care of your teeth.Make personal integrity your mission.

Don’t put off plans to do something crazy. Live on another continent. Stand for something. Don’t let the expectations of others define you. Run as quickly as possible toward your fears. Volunteer for the scariest assignments. Proudly admit that you don’t understand things. Help out someones less fortunate for the joy of doing it.



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