guest post: never settle for anything less than your dreams

Caitlin is one of my most special friends; I’ve known her since age 14 or 15 and our friendship has only grown stronger and better as we’ve gotten older. I always feel weird saying I “look up” to people my own age, but that’s exactly how I feel about Cait. She always carries herself with such poise and grace and has bent over backwards to make my life easier and happier. I am always looking forward to our next reunions – and couldn’t help but share a hilarious photo of us from high school!

Andi and Cait in 2004

Enjoy her post today – and thank you Cait for sharing! xo

Hello fellow queens!…and as my mother likes to say, three C.H.E.E.R.S for F.R.I.D.A.Y ! !

Andi, oh so kindly asked me to guest post today..and well, while I’m overly thrilled about this opportunity to share a story with you all, I’m also a tad nervous. You see, I am the furthest thing from a writer, a creative mind, or blogger. I am your typical analytical, “You must start at point A before you get to point B”, blog- viewer-only, direct and straight to the point kind of gal. Of course, with a lot of humor and goofy antics inserted throughout. So with that said, here goes nothing!

Miss Andi and I met our freshman year of high school. Our laughter, spunk, and just plain goofiness brought us together instantly, and the rest is well…history. There was one particular trait or “thing” that Andi and I have always shared, understood each other on, thrived on, and supported one another on…and that’s goal setting and following our dreams.

Goals: I knew from the time I was in middle school, I wanted one thing and one thing only when I grew up. That one thing was to work in the fashion industry ( yes, many young girls have this same desire). During my time in college, I had the opportunity to study in New York City for a year, as a part of a visiting student program. Now, because most of you do not know me personally…let me just say, when I found out this was a possibility..things got REAL serious, FAST! There was no way I wasn’t jumping on this opportunity as soon as I possibly could.

Fast Forward: to my junior year of college. It was time to apply. This was the moment I had been waiting. I filled out all the paper work, collected more letters of recommendation that I ever wanted to, and spent countless hours perfecting my essay…which for me, took months. I sent everything in three weeks early and now it was time to wait…….and wait……and wait to find out if I had been accepted. The Fashion Institute of Technology is one of the most prestigious institutions to study fashion design and the business of fashion. They only accept 20 visiting students every semester and the program is very competitive.

Disappointment: I can remember the day I drove home from class, opened up the mailbox, and found my rejection letter, yes, rejection letter. I couldn’t believe it. I was devastated beyond belief and felt like all of my hard work, effort, drive, and dedication had been hit by a semi-truck, kicked in the stomach, and then stomped on 100 times over. I spent the next two weeks mourning my rejection and for the most part feeling embarrassed about my failure. It wasn’t until one rainy afternoon, while I was sitting in class that I realized I wasn’t going to settle. I wasn’t going to give up. I knew I deserved this opportunity and I had worked hard for it. In that very same day, I scrambled to re-fill everything out, spent the entire evening through the night re-writing my essay from scratch, and gathering all I needed to re-submit my application packet for the next semester. There was only one minor detail…..I decided not to tell a single person I was re-applying accept for my mother.

Birthday Present: September 28, 2009. My mom & step- dad’s birthday. (yes, they share the same birthday, cute- right?) I met them for dinner after one of my classes to celebrate their day. I sat down and noticed my mom just had this glowing smile that was hard not to notice. She lifted up onto the table a huge white envelope that said “Congratulations” written across the front. From that point on I knew, I had been accepted. It was by far the most rewarding day of my life. I won the fight on not settling and it finally paid off.

Today: Looking back now, almost two years later, New York was by far one of the most fantastic experiences I have had to date. I accomplished, learned, and experienced so many amazing things. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without following my dreams, following through with my goals, and never settling for anything less than whats desired.

A huge thank you to the queen of all queens herself, Miss Teggart, for providing an outlet for people to gather such positive inspiration and hope through her blog. Most of all, thank you for pushing me 110% out of my comfort zone to guest post today!

Cait and Andi in 2012


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