guest post: this is your life, nobody else's

Say hello to the Melissa – someone I’ve had the opportunity to become good friends with through the wonderful world of Twitter and blogging. Remember her from this honest and inspiring post? She’s here to share again while I’m traveling. Enjoy her post; I know I did! –Hi queens! I’m so excited to have the opportunity to post again here on Polish My Crown. I can’t say enough great things about Andi – she is truly a ray of sunshine each and every day. I’m honored that she’s asked me to post while she’s out enjoying her travels (I’m green with envy!) 
So I’m just jumping right in here, but I hope that at least some of you can relate!
The more I look at my own life, the more I realize I often don’t consider myself a priority. What do I mean by that? Well… it’s a little complicated to explain. But the first thing that comes to mind is standing up for myself in situations where I really should. In situations that I feel uncomfortable, I don’t always speak my mind (though I’m quick to jump the gun over little things in my day to day life) – and it causes me stress. Not every day, but most. But I don’t feel comfortable speaking up… so what do I do?

So that’s the first step – deciding to make a change. Realizing that this is your life, nobody else’s. That it’s your choice, your decision, your move to make. Recognizing that you control your happiness, and that if you won’t make a change, nobody else can do it for you. While that recognition is scary, it’s also so empowering. To realize that you control your life and you can change things you’re unhappy with. Sure, it will probably be scary… but think about all the wonderful things that you will feel if you make a positive change for yourself and take a risk. 

I need to take my own advice, though. I can admit, while I say that it’s empowering, I stray towards the side of being scared, being too afraid to take that risk and make a big change in my life. I think that being comfortable is great – but being comfortable and unhappy isn’t great. I’m taking baby steps at taking my own advice and making a change, but I have to ask – is anyone else struggling with the same thing? Realizing that your life is your own and that if you want to make a change, you may need to take a risk?
I’d love to hear more about it, so feel free to come by and say hi. – see below!


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