Lovely Links

Happy Friday! I have to admit, it doesn’t quite feel like a Friday to me as I’ve been a bit jet-lagged since my Paris trip. I landed back in San Francisco late Wednesday night and plan to spend this weekend catching up on sleep and of course, catching up with a few friends! I’m also seeing Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros tonight. VERY happy about that.

Here’s a few lovely things I found on the Web this week! What are you doing this weekend?

Art 101: How to Pronounce Artists’ Names

Tomato everything! I need to try these recipes.

YES! The day I’ve been waiting for!

27 Ways to be a Better Person {1,4,10 and 18 are my favorites!}

Fashion + Instagram

I want it to rain just so I can wear these again.

Alyssa’s reflections about Oprah’s legacy

5 TED Talks that will Change your Life

Paris in August: a beautiful piece from National Geographic that I’ve reread like…six times.

This song makes me so happy!

Photo via Zach!

4 responses to “Lovely Links

  1. When I am feeling a bit down or doubting myself your blog is the blog I run to! Your work inspires me ! I nominated you for the Leibster award! Check it out and congrats!

  2. hi! just found your cute blog! you live in SF? im from norcal but live in socal now! i love finding fellow cali bloggers! just wanted to say hello! come by sometime & say hello! XO

    • Hi Kelly! SO glad you found my blog – I really like yours too! Adding to my blogroll :) I live in SF but I’m from the Midwest. When did you move to SoCal??

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