what makes you happy?

What makes you happy? The question seems so simple and obvious, yet I find myself sitting down every so often and really answering the question with a little bit more depth. There are certain things that will consistently make me happy {family, etc.} but I think other things make me happy during different periods of life. A few things that truly make me happy right here – right now are:

Time well spent with friends
Getting lost in a good book
Laughing really hard
Accepting myself where I’m at
Talking on the phone with Kerry, Katie and Hope
Telling people how much they mean to me
Enjoying the exact moment I’m in
Saying thank you
People who are encouraging
Exploring new places {whether in my own city or across the globe!}
Celebrating the little things
Playing a new song on repeat
Holding hands
Worrying less about what others think
Setting really big goals
Not setting an alarm
Notes in the mail
Bright flowers {specifically peonies!}
Days well spent
Grandparent wisdom
Unconditional love

ps: sending my thoughts and prayers to all directly affected by the 9/11 tragedies, the country’s leadership and the hundreds of thousands serving in the military here and abroad. I read this today and thought I would share: “Pause to remember, but then live. For there is no greater expression of honor.”


One response to “what makes you happy?

  1. you make me happy.

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