how-to: a life of constant celebration

I’ve mentioned Ann Voskamp’s book and blog here, here and here and her recent blog post really resonated with me this week. In the post, she shares how to cultivate a daily habit – a daily ceremony – in the age of distraction. And it’s all about focus. It’s about consciously taking time out of our crazy, chaotic and insane days to prioritize these mini-ceremonies and turn them into daily celebrations. These are moments of focus – these daily ceremonies that lead to a life of constant celebration. Who doesn’t love celebrating?!  Here’s a few daily ceremonies I’ve been trying to do – and trust me! The more you take time to DO them, the more you value these moments and the more exciting and celebrate-worthy they become. Excerpt’s from Ann’s post are below.

Celebrate morning: stretching, writing down what I’m thankful for, playing upbeat music
Celebrate afternoon: mid-day walks around the block, a pick-me-up cup of coffee, a habitual moment of rest
Celebrate evening: cozying up with a good book, a hot cup of tea, writing someone a note

Do you have any daily ceremonies? How do they allow you to celebrate your life?

“I think — we create a ceremony to celebrate what’s significant. How do I explain this exactly? If we consider a certain day meaningful, we create a ceremony to rightly recognize it — like always candles on birthday cakes, centerpieces for Thanksgiving, vows on wedding days…

Ceremony is what you always do for the important things.” Yes — and it hits me : Every day is important.

Each moment God gives is momentous. If we embrace each day as gift, then isn’t each event important? And if each moment lived is important, could we not then live in ceremony, celebration wrapped around each bead of time?

God does this — lives in ceremony, lives in celebation. Every day, He acts in ceremony, repeated quotidian order of services: calling sun to arch across the sky, ocean waters lap against land’s lip, again and again, the globe to dance in orbit through the heavens.

It’s crazy — – start some ceremonies in your life and you start living a celebrated life. It’s the ceremonies that change our everyday — christening every day as significant.

The thing is: Habits are hard but they make life easy. The thing is: There are no habits without the habit of being focused. Ceremonies necessitate focus — no bride gets distracted half way down the aisle.

Michael Phelps said that the way he trained to be one of the greatest athletes of all time — was to stay in the pool longer than anyone else. To stay at it when everyone else got out. To stay focused when you’d love to be distracted. To do the next thing when it’s not the easiest thing. To not flip over to Facebook or turn on the TV or check Twitter or pop into email. The most successful are the ones most focused and the greats are greatly focused. There is never any fruit without focus.


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