25 Things From My Twenties That I’m Thankful For

I’m back in the Midwest this weekend in Pittsburgh. I’m SO so excited to spend time with the lovely queen Paige and have a short and sweet visit with my parents and sisters. Christina is back to share {remember her Thursday Thankful List post last week?} more things she’s thankful for. 

Don’t forget to check out her 40:20 Vision site!
Enjoy your positive Thursday!

  1. That I moved to a new city with no friends – all my old friends visited me and I made a lot of new friends.
  2. Jobs perks …when I had the time to actually enjoy them.
  3. Traveling cheaply
  4. True friends…to remind you how amazing you are.
  5. Crazy friends …to make you go new places.
  6. That one “bad” friend – to make you appreciate your other friends
  7. Rainy days and movie marathons
  8. Roommates
  9. Roommates with cars
  10. Get up and go days
  11. A get up and go faceJ
  12.  “Friending” my mom and dad – the old fashioned way
  13. A back yard perfect for BBQs
  14. Street fairs
  15. Playing fair
  16. Long hair
  17. Cut-off shorts
  18. Hours on the beach
  19. SPF
  20. Mental days
  21. Off Broadway plays
  22. Lazy Sundays
  23. Seeing the sunrise
  24. Seeing everything with fresh eyes
  25. Exercise



2 responses to “25 Things From My Twenties That I’m Thankful For

  1. i love this, and couldn’t agree more with all 25!

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