Thursday Thankful List: Places

Have you ever thought about your favorite places? The places where you can unwind and relax, where you can spend time with the people that mean the most or learn something completely new. I haven’t actually wrote down my favorite spots in a really long time and today’s Thursday Thankful List was a great refresher on places – from nooks in my apartment to large cities – that are important and meaningful to me.

What places are you thankful for?

A cozy coffeeshop
Sitting around a kitchen table with family
The porch swing at my house growing up
Swimming pools
Grandma and Grandpa’s couch next to the fireplace
Wintergarden Woods {preferably when walking with Max & Rugby!}
My neighborhood in San Francisco at sunset
 The Ferry Building for lunch
New York City in the fall
The hiking trails at The Ridges in Athens, Ohio
Lake Tahoe
Bubble baths
Corona Heights {where I hike with Zach}
Any and every beach
Where I’m from {Bowling Green, Ohio}
 Art museums
In a car on a long, unplanned roadtrip
Outside patios
The tire swing hanging in a tree at my grandparents house
Coffee Bean
In a big bright garden with a good book
The library

Under the covers in bed early in the morning
A new brunch spot
Perks in Athens, Ohio
My living room on Christmas morning with my family
A really comfy reading nook
Apple orchards
Along the Seine in Paris

All photos my own except #2 from the adorable Mariah!


5 responses to “Thursday Thankful List: Places

  1. I love your lists! Some of my favorite places include wherever my family is (we live far apart!), in my hometown library, anywhere with view of mountains, and the Chicago lakefront.

  2. I love that Perks is on this list. Definitely one of my favorite places, too!

  3. I love this idea and I love it that you now have Paris on your list.
    What are my favorite places where I feel thankful?
    The corner table in my favorite coffee shop/Aqus Petaluma
    Any library
    Any movie theater just as the lights go down
    curled up with my ancient deaf blind Jack Russell dog
    Next to my husband, the human stove, when I’m cold.

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