accepting grace & forgiving yourself

Everyone makes mistakes – whether we want to admit it or not. Overanalyzing and holding on to our own and other people’s mistakes and hurts doesn’t make life any better, but instead keeps us from enjoying life and moving forward. I talked about forgiveness in this post and wrote: “Holding it in just made the pain and hurt and anger stick around – I truly found peace when I decided to LET. IT. GO. You’ll truly be letting yourself free when you forgive! You don’t deserve the added weight of bitterness and resentment. YOU, my lovely beauty, deserve to be surrounded by peace and love. Love yourself enough forgive someone else. Rise above the other person’s actions and move forward.”

The funny thing it’s pretty easy for me to forgive others, but quite difficult and a HUGE challenge to actually forgive myself. I can easily and confidently say that holding on to bitterness and resentment towards others  is bad – and robs me from enjoying life. I guess it’s just that I feel like I don’t deserve the same forgiveness. It’s crazy – and sad…and something I’m really working on fixing. All too often, rather than feel guilty for things I’ve done, I feel ashamed of who I am. The wonderful promise that I keep reminding myself is that I am showered in grace and forgiveness {more on that here}. Something I’m really working on is not listening to that small voice of shame in my head saying I’m defective, a mess, unworthy of forgiveness. Instead, I need to listen to the voice of grace saying I’m valuable, I’m free from my past, I’m forgiven. My slate is wiped clean.

Do you ever have trouble forgiving yourself? I hope you can join me in taking on the challenge of letting go of the mistakes and dark pieces of your past and running full force ahead out of grace and forgiveness. I don’t think it’s easy – but we can both do it! What we DON’T need is to sit around being miserable and feeling terrible about ourselves. We need to accept our mistakes and at the same time, graciously accept that we are forgiven and that actions don’t define us. We need to move forward making better choices and living better lives based on what we learned from the past. That’s what being a queen is all about. xo


One response to “accepting grace & forgiving yourself

  1. I love this post. It’s a tough subject and one we avoid. Thanks for making us consider forgiveness and how it relates to our own lives.

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