Thursday Thankful List

I am really happy it’s Thursday. It feels like this week’s been inching by and I haven’t felt quite myself. There’s one word that keeps ringing in my head when I try to describe this week: bittersweet. A mix of bitter and sweet, a combination of excitement and sadness. One thing that helped me stay grounded this week was journaling daily and remembering to write down and document things – big and small – that I’m thankful for. Here’s just a few!

A few new goodies from J.Crew’s crazy sale!
That Ali is here!
That Wednesdays are better than Tuesdays and Thursdays are always better than Wednesdays
A fun beauty giveaway with Everyday Minerals
Discovering new {to me} Angus and Julia songs. “Just a Boy” is a-mazing!
Sunday fun with Jord, Pat, Aim and Ali {this photo makes me so happy!}

The warmest week of my life here in San Francisco
Playing with Tom’s husky puppy
A God who meets with me every single day
A female broadcaster’s response to fat-shaming a fat-shaming email #queen #queen #queen
This: “To set your mind is to recollect truth that already belongs to you.”
Embracing scary situations

My upcoming trip to Ohio!!!
Silly photo shoots with Santi
Morning walks
Afternoon laughter
Dancing to Destiny’s Child and/or Spice Girls

Forgiveness and grace…makes me want to jump for joy
That second cup of coffee everyday
The Lumineers radio on Pandora
Raspberries and bananas {together}
My new, easy way to store my favorite sparkly jewelry

A folky/bluegrass festival this weekend to look forward to
Finishing a good book
Sleeping through the entire night
Big flannel shirts
People who encourage me to be the absolute best person I can be
Wedding photobooth photos!


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