quit wasting time

I recently read this piece on Able Parris’ blog and absolutely knew I needed to share. The entire article was an eye opener – and a crown polish – reminding me that I need to spend my time wisely. Time should be spent doing what we love, with the people that we love. Time should be spent doing things that make us who we are – the quirky, unique, silly and interesting individuals that we each are. Time should be spent enjoyed, instead of wasted.

Have a happy positive Thursday – I’m off to Ohio!

I’ve been thinking lately about attention and how much of it I have to offer, and as it turns out, it’s not much. And the more things I try to give attention to the less attention I have to give.

Our minds have a depth of field, much like the lens on a camera.  When we think about one thing, everything else becomes unclear or temporarily ‘forgotten’. To pay attention to a thing means we must ignore everything else, if only briefly. The more complex a thing is, the more uninterrupted attention is required.

Do the things that make you interesting.

There are many things vying for our attention, and while some of them are a good use of time, many of them are only keeping us from what we *should* be doing. Our time and headspace are the most valuable things we have, and what we can do with them is virtually unlimited. I am learning (or perhaps re-learning) that cutting out distractions can be more valuable than any to-do app or time in front of a screen. We need to spend less time looking to others for interesting things, and start spending more time doing the things that make us interesting. Perhaps you need to dedicate more time to that thing that got you where you are or that thing that will get you where you want to be.

Similarly, and I am saying this more for myself, it’s easy to give time and attention to the things you enjoy or are easy, but true character comes when you give focus to the things that are difficult but must be done. This means you have to ignore everything else, and know that you will be better because of it.

That’s really the heart of it for me. I feel depressed the moment I realize I’ve wasted time…But I want to turn the lens of my mind towards the things I care about, the things that make me interesting. And to do this, I will have to ignore a good amount of things I enjoy doing knowing I will be happier for it, and perhaps others will be able to delight in what I have made as a result of it.


3 responses to “quit wasting time

  1. “Do the things that make you interesting.” I love that.

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