dose of joy {by kellie}

meet kellie, who is by far one of the cutest and kindest girls i know! her and her roommates graciously let aim, court and i stay at their place during our athens visit and we had an absolute blast! here’s ten things that bring her lots and lots of joy:

1. Waking up without an alarm clock
2. Movie theaters
3. Being an aunt to the sweetest, cutest, most lovable little girl in the world (excuse the possible bias)
4. Uncontrollable laughter
5. The authentically vintage Ohio University poster from my grandpa that hangs in my room at school
6. Calls, texts and emails that are sent “just to check in”
7. Spontaneous trips to the pet store
8. Getting a new magazine
9. Freshly painted nails
10. Leaning on my friends … and letting them lean right back

what brings you joy? share with me via email and i’ll share on the blog soon!


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