Thursday Thankful List

There’s something really special about lists. I seem to always be writing lists: to-do lists, checklists at work, monthly resolution lists, pro/con lists {good for decision making!}, people to call lists, the list goes on and on! I also try to share Thursday Thankful List posts on Polish My Crown each week. Creating lists is a powerful thing – lists allow me to translate the thoughts and chaos in my head and organize them right in front of me.

As much as I love sharing lists on my blog, it’s even more important to me to start and finish the day with lists. Sometimes I call them thankful lists, sometimes I call them happiness lists, other times I just scribble my mini “these things make my life better” lists on a Post-It note. Things like… the smell of old books, pumpkin granola, excitement, hearing someone hum your favorite song, chapstick, when someone scratches your back, peonies, sunny days when the weather prediction was cloudy and rainy.

I’ve truly come to find that jotting down simple, everyday things that bring value and joy and goodness to my life only increases the actual value, joy and goodness in my life. It’s strange, unexplainable and  almost poetic. We weren’t created to be living our day to day lives unaware, but instead to be noticing, enjoying and praising the minute-by-minute goodness.

Today’s Thursday Thankful List quite simply shares a few thankful lists I found. Hope you enjoy as much as I do – and hope you consider jotting down things that make you happy and things you are thankful for more often! xx


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