Friday Five

I haven’t posted a Friday Five post in forever and thought it was a good time to get back in the swing of things! Here’s five things that I’m enjoying and/or on my mind as the weekend approaches. Have a wonderful one! xx

1. Joyful Reminders

2. Jewelry. 

A few weeks ago, I was invited to visit Kendra’s jewelry studio in The Mission. It was such a fun afternoon spent learning about her metalsmith process and ogling over her beautiful work. My favorites were this simple faceted necklace, this safari bracelet and these tiny lotus earrings {shaped like little seashells – none are the exact same}. Her lovely work can be found on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

3. NYC Blogs to Stalk

I’ve had my East Coast friends on my mind this week, especially with the devastating Hurricane Sandy mess happening. I’m thankful that these four New York City friends are okay – and that I can catch up on their wonderful lives through their wonderful blogs!

4. Fabric/Pattern Mixing. 

I can’t stop mixing patterns and fabrics! My go-to is always stripes + something/anything…polka dots, florals, animal prints. I also like wearing big cozy sweaters with girly lace or silk skirts. Of course, J.Crew provides the ultimate mixing inspiration!

5. Inspirational Cards

I am absolutely in love with these inspirational cards available from HOLSTEE. They are designed by artist Yoko Sakao Ohama and printed on recycled paper. The cards are inspired by the HOLSTEE Manifesto encouraging people to do what they love, live their dreams and enjoy each and every moment of life. Totally a manifesto I can get behind – hoping to purchase these cards soon!


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