I'm on a juice detox!

Have you ever been on a juice cleanse? Today marks day #2 of my five-day juice detox with Thrive Cleanse, a company based here in San Francisco. As you know, staying healthy – both emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically is important to me and I wanted to give my body a little break from processed foods. I’ve replaced all of my meals with six juices that I take around every two hours each day. This is my first juice detox, but learned that detoxes allow you to give your digestive system a rest, clear any imbalances in your body and boost your energy level {without caffeine – which is amazing to me}. Here’s what I’m drinking every day…and I’m already addicted to the cozy cashew milk!

Also! If you’re interested in doing a one-day, three-day or five-day juice cleanse, Thrive Cleanse is offering Polish My Crown readers a 10% off discount. Just use the code POLISHED when processing your order. Stay tuned for more details on my cleanse this week – I’ll be sharing details on what each of the five days was like! xx

{Thrive Cleanse on Facebook and Twitter}


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