stop worrying

Confession: I worry way more than I should and way more than I want to. There, I said it. Okay, so now that it’s out there, let’s talk about worry. Do you ever get caught in the slippery slope of worry? I think about one thing, then another, then another and then all of a sudden I am consumed with fear and worry about something. While I don’t typically get stressed out by what’s going on in a situation, but instead get worried that it might get worse. That the worst thing ever could maybe potentially happen. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

We live in an anxiety culture. We are prone to worry – to be assuming the worst – to be overwhelmed by the unknown. I worry about the past, which is impossible to change, and I worry about the future. More than both of those, I spend time worrying about the here and now. Just this week I caught myself worrying about one thing and within five minutes, I was worried about 340934 other things for no real reason. Did any of the things I thought might happen take place? Nope. Do they sometimes? Of course. The point is that I got myself worked up for no real reason – out of worry.

How do we overcome worry? One thing I do when I catch myself in worry mode is to write down everything I am worried or anxious about at that moment. Kind of the opposite of a thankful list, if you will. I write it down and let it go. This allows me to take everything I’m tossing around in my head and put it in a tangible place. It allows me to mentally and emotionally put myself and the concerns I’m worried about in check.

I’ve also learned to ask for help when I feel consumed by worry. I’ll ask my parents, sisters and closest friends to talk through what I’m worried about and ask them for advice and prayer. Another way to combat worry is to remember how toxic it is for you – it wastes time and energy, makes us unpleasant to be around and keeps us on the edge and ready to explode in a moment’s notice. If you sometimes can be a worrier, I feel your pain sister. Let’s work to stop worrying – to stop spending our lives dwelling on the things that trouble us. xx

p.s. i’m on day #4 of my juice detox. If this is something you might be interested in trying, visit Thrive Cleanse for a 10% off discount using the code POLISHED.


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