Thursday Thankful List

Happy Thursday! I’m so very glad today the weekend is inching nearby. This week has been a weird mix of slow and fast, but overall has been a good one. Today marks the day #5 and the final day of my Thrive Cleanse juice detox. The past five days have been a whirlwind and I honestly feel great. As usual, I decided to write down a few little things that I’m thankful for! I believe that being thankful stems from being aware and of being open to discovery. This discovery allows you to observe these little pieces of life and participate in their goodness. It’s really a wonderful thing!

What are you thankful for?

The smell of freshly cut grass
Candles flickering in my apartment
That Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday
Impromptu text conversations
Feeling refreshed
Pumpkin-flavored everything {but this pancake recipe is on my weekend-to list}

Pine trees
Cozy pajamas
Freshly painted walls
Frequent phone calls with Grandma
Being quiet in a busy, crowded and loud cafe
How beautiful my sister Katie is – from the inside out

Spotting peonies out of season in the flower shop windows
That perfect love drives out all fear {1 John 4:18}
The color orange
Sleeping through the whole night! LOVE
Being okay with not being there yet
Tea {morning, noon and night}

Life chats with friends
Cheerful dogs in the park
Surprise packages in the mail from Rayne!
The PAMP drink I’ve had during my Thrive Cleanse juice detox {apple + pear. so good}
Plans to change the world


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