not waiting anymore

There are few email subscriptions I enjoy and sign up for, but I always love seeing the Brave Girls Club daily truth email pop up in my Inbox. The below “daily truth” was no exception was exactly what I needed to read and remember. May your weekend be full of fresh perspective and some quality “me” time. May you remember the world will keep spinning without your help and right where you are is right where you should be. May you appreciate the 24 beautiful hours on Saturday and the 24 precious hours on Sunday. May you remember you have the choice to press the go button on life whenever you feel like it. I encourage you to press it sooner rather than later.

Have a great one! xx

Dear Lovely Girl,

Are you suffering from destination frustration? It’s quite amazing that we often really really really let ourselves believe that “someday” we will get “there”. Someday we will have it all figured it out, someday we will have the perfect family, or the perfect marriage…and then we hold on to that belief and we wait and wait for the happiness it will bring and work and work and work for it, making us blind to all of the things that are gifts in the every day.

The fact is…we never really do get “there” and have it stay “there” for any length of time without the same amount of work that it took to get “there”. The journey just continues…until the day we die. This is why it’s so important to understand that it’s all about the journey. It’s about using your best china every day and saying the words in your heard every day, and treating every day like it might be the last day, and not waiting anymore.

Because really, the only destination that we truly have control over is our mindset…and that can happen NOW…so, why wait? THIS IS YOUR LIFE…TODAY…RIGHT NOW.

Make the most of it…see that you already are someONE wonderful even though you might have been tricked into thinking that it’s all about being on the way to someWHERE wonderful. You are there because you are you.

And you are so loved.

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