Thursday Thankful List: My Childhood

Although I’m happy and thankful to be in the stage of life I’m in now, there’s nothing quite like childhood. When I look back on memories from my childhood, I’m reminded just how sweet and wonderful and incredibly frail life is. My childhood was a time when things weren’t foggy or confusing or even upsetting – just sunny and obvious and good. My childhood can be summed up in this poem I read a long time ago: “When I was a child, I saw in black and white. Everything was obvious, either wrong or right. No arguments, no pros and cons, choices were precise. Pure and joyous clarity gave me a simple life.” 

Pure and joyous clarity. Since childhood, things have changed and adulthood brings a whole slew of difficulties. Things get complicated and decisions get harder and feelings get messier and hearts get broken and people move away and things change and people change and it’s sometimes a constant battle to just stay afloat.

That’s why when I look back on my childhood, I appreciate that fleeting moment of my life. I’m really reminded of the little things that made my childhood so special. I’m mostly thankful for the people who have continued to love and support me unconditionally as I transitioned from childhood to adulthood. Most of you reading this probably won’t understand the things I share in today’s Thursday Thankful List, but I hope you take a chance to look back on your childhood and remember what you appreciate about that time in life. Here’s what I’m thankful for:

Running to the door whenever my dad came home from work
Reading books over and over like Goodnight Moon, Guess How Much I Love You and Chicka Chicka Boom
The tire swing in our backyard
The day we received the trampoline
Playing school with my sisters and cousins
Bike rides to pick up groceries for mom {I remember feeling SO mature being able to do this!}
Afternoon pool trips
Sing-a-long videos
Our dog Nikita
Chocolate milk
Sister sleepovers
All four of us girls sleeping on the floor in my parents room {bet they LOVED that!}
Christmas morning breakfast
Hide and go seek
Jumping from bed to bed whenever we stayed in a hotel
The den in our house
The clouds painted on my bedroom ceiling
Rollerskating in our basement with dad
Singing songs in the van on the way to church
Identical Easter dresses
Bedtime prayers
Long family vacations
Non-stop laughter
Driving around town looking at Christmas lights
Piano lessons
The ten different hamsters we had as pets {because we couldn’t see to keep one alive for more than one week}
The miracle at age four that I didn’t realize at the time
Watching aerobics and Barney on TV at 7 am
Three girls who changed my world


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