do anything but let it produce joy

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite images from my Life Pinterest board. I especially like the quote: “do anything but let it produce joy.” Anything. What a lovely thought. What brings me joy may be very different from what brings YOU joy – and that’s the beauty in life. That’s part of the reason I share Dose of Joy blog posts asking people to write down what ten things bring them joy. It’s always really cool to read how people are inspired and joy-infused from their everyday lives.

A few things that bring me joy are in this blog post: reading poetry, champagne, writing thank you notes, laughing hysterically while jumping on a trampoline, a delicious cup of coffee or tea, following my dreams, sisters and making each and every day my day. There’s just no point in doing things unless they bring you joy. Lots and lots and lots of joy.

Have a great day and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend!


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