dose of joy {by katie}

meet my little sister, katie! she surprised me randomly and emailed me a long and lovely “dose of joy” blog post. i thought it was absolutely a must-share. 

1. Reading Andi’s blog and getting a good “pick me up”
2. Good coffee that Corey grinds and makes me
3. 79 degree weather in BG
4. Facetiming Mom when we’re 20 minutes away
5. Younglife
6. Good, long, quiet times
7. Watercolors
8. Blankets and cuddling
9. Jeremiah 29:11
10. Cider with caramel
11. Texts from Dad
12. Colored/Patterned pants
13. Taylor Swift’s new album
14. Detoxing
15. Waking up early to watch the sunrise
16. Counting down the days until Andi comes home
17. Roadtrips with the family
18. Hugs
19. Random phone calls from Sam
20. Ann Arbor trips with Corey
21. Songs
23. Friends I can count on
24. Christmas
25. Feeling so much joy in a moment that I could cry
26. Warm scarves
27. Faithful prayer
28. The smell of trees after it’s rained
29. Unmade beds
30. Using time efficiently
31. Dreaming of being in San Fransisco
32. Yoga
33. Tyler Knott Gregson
34. Naps during sunset
35. Laying around doing nothing with my sisters during breaks
36. Family game nights
37. Laughter

what brings you joy? find similar posts here.


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