Friday Five

Hi beautiful friends! Here’s five things on my mind this week that I wanted to share with you. How was your week?

Have a lovely last day of December! …..Insanely weird how fast November flew by. xx!

1. Reading List This Week.

Paris in Love by Eloisa James {author of Eat, Pray, Love} and a book jam-packed with healthy living goodness called Healthiest You Ever. I LOVE having a library card!

2. Inspiring Blog.

Hey Amber Rae is the Amber’s lovely piece of the Internet. I absolutely love her fresh, optimistic and empowering view on life and the way she encourages others through her blog. Read it! And follow her Instagram account {images below} for a daily dose of inspiration. Also I would highly recommend spending 12 minutes watching her TEDxCMU chat The Art of Being Unreasonable.

3. New Favorite Website.

The Striking Truths site. So thankful I signed up for their daily email too! Definitely check out their beautiful site for inspiration and a major crown polish.

4. Royal Dynamite Clothing.

I recently learned about Royal Dynamite Clothing, a socially responsible online community focused around a t-shirt lines. The best part – for every t-shirt you buy, Royal Dynamite donates an educational package {bags and school supplies} to a child in need. LOVE. The adorable Ali modeled the From Sierra Leone with Love V-Neck for Queens royal tee and the Tahiti Blue with Hot Pink Logo royal tee. These t-shirts could make perfect holiday gifts – you can find the brand on Facebook and Twitter as well.

5. My favorite advice.

Honestly. Enough. Said. I need to like get this tattooed on my body or something. Very wise words!


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