Let everything happen to you.

Happy Wednesday!
After noticing my Words of Wisdom board on Pinterest reached over 650 pins, I decided it was time to oh, I don’t know, create a separate board focused on quotes. Enter in my Words of Wisdom, Part 2 board where all of the images in this blog post are also currently located. These are a few quotes that have inspired me lately, especially the top one. “Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” This is a great reminder whenever you’re in a funky mood or at a point in your day/week/month where you’re at the breaking point. The icky feeling you might be experiencing now will not last forever and it always helps me to sit back from the situation, take a long and deep breath and just hit the refresh button on life.  What IS important is to recognize each and every feeling you experience rather than ignore them or bottle them up. Just keep going.

P.S. Sorry my posts have been so short and sweet lately – I’ve been crazy busy. I promise I will be back to normal soon-ish annnnnd….excited to let you know I’m announcing a big, fun holiday giveaway next week! xo!


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