Thursday Thankful List – What You're Thankful For

Happy positive Thursday, queens! On Monday, I announced my holiday giveaway asking people to share three things they are thankful for. I was blown away at the number of responses and love reading all of the little and big things you are thankful for. I wanted to share what you – Polish My Crown readers – are thankful for. I love the quote below too: “It’s not happy people who are thankful – it’s thankful people that are happy.” SO true. Counting your blessings and sharing what you are thankful for only leads to a happier and better life.

It’s not too late to share what you’re thankful for! Here’s all the details.

the holiday season
the opportunity to get an education
the things that matter most
my cozy apartment
that this year was much better than last year
rainy days
finding a job that I love
being able to travel home for the holidays
the amazing people in my life
old friends
white whine
my dog!
a good book
my great family
best friends and friendship that knows no distance
children in all their beauty and power
music that can say all the things you can’t seem to find the right words for
having a job
having a dishwasher and washer and dryer
hot showers
huffington post humor
winter break
colorful office supplies to make studying more fun
organic cotton sheets
sunny days
chai tea
christmas trees
faith and hope in God
warm blankets
waking up early enough to do work in bed


One response to “Thursday Thankful List – What You're Thankful For

  1. Love the ending quote. Happy Thankful Thursday, Queenie! :) xoxo

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