Thursday Thankful List – What You're Thankful For

I’ve been blown away reading the things you are thankful for – thanks so much for sharing! I wanted to share another list of the wonderful things Polish My Crown readers are thankful for today. I flew back to Ohio late Sunday night and feeling so very thankful for slow mornings spent in the kitchen, my sisters’ spontaneous bursts of laughter, having adult conversations with my parents, the smell of our Christmas tree, that all my Christmas presents are wrapped!!! and that I’m taking the next week off work. I’m really looking forward to seeing my extended family and taking it easy celebrating Christmas over the next week.

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the holiday giveaway; so keep the thankful lists coming! All you have to do is tweet {@luckyandi} or comment on the original blog post.

Here’s what YOU are thankful for!
youtube cover songs
the color emerald
the perfect grapefruit
homemade holiday cards
scented candles
christmas spirit
amazing opportunities to pursue my dreams
athens, ohio
my significant other
my puppies
having a loving family miss me while at college
my beautiful and inspiring mother
leather-bound books
my family being in good health and spirits
the hard times {you learn from them!}
holding your head high
the sparkle, charm and wit of kids
that i’m breathing
new canvases
oil paint
a creative mind
fresh starts
good books
relaxing mornings
the ability to work
a good cry
long calls with my parents
bittersweet “see-you-laters” to friends before the holidays
pre-break cleaning
soft mint candies.


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