#04 Give Your Best to Friends & Family

I’ve shared an excerpt from RELEVANT Magazine’s 11 Things I Learned at 25ish article the day before my birthday last year {here}. The piece I previously shared was #11 about not getting stuck – and enjoying and appreciating life for what it is right here and now. I was rereading the article again right before my 24th birthday and felt like #4 was especially relevant and important to post. I personally feel like I make the mistake of spending too much time and energy focused on people who aren’t quite deserving. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not wrong to text a boy/girl you are or want to date, but don’t let that get in the way of the valuable friendships and family relationships that you’ve established for years prior. This was a wonderful reminder to me to always be loyal to my family and how valuable it is to invest in relationships with these people as much as possible. Enjoy, xx!


While twentysomethings can sometimes spend a little too much energy on dating and marriage, they probably spend too little energy on friendships and family. That girl you just met and now text 76 times a day probably won’t be a part of your life in 10 years, but the guys you lived with in college, if you keep investing in them, will be friends for a lifetime. Lots of people move around in their 20s, but even across the distance, make an effort to invest in the friendships that are important to you. Loyalty is no small thing, especially in a season during which so many other things are shifting.

Family is a tricky thing in your 20s—to learn how to be an adult out on your own but to also maintain a healthy relationship with your parents—but those relationships are really, really worth investing in. I have a new vantage point on this now that I’m a parent. When my parents momentarily forget I’m an adult, I remind myself that someday this little boy of ours will drive a car, get a job and buy a home. I know that even then it will be hard not to scrape his hair across his forehead or tell him his eyes are looking sleepy, and I give my parents a break for still seeing me as their little girl every once in a while.

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