Mood Board XVIII: Crowns


Happy Tuesday queens! I recently read something where Halle Berry was quoted saying: “I spent a lot of time with a crown on my head.” While we’d all probably get a few odd looks wearing an actual crown during work or class, we can treat ourselves as such. As I shared on my About page: “that’s what being a queen is all about – loving yourself, embracing yourself, treating yourself as a best friend. Holding yourself in high regard because you know – regardless of job, relationship, age, body size, [whatever] you are valuable and loved. You are clothed with dignity.”

I truly believe this is a mindset we need to be in at allllll times. Anyway, I couldn’t help but share a few favorite crown photos in today’s Mood Board post. When was the last time you wore a crown {or acted like it!}?

More crown photos here!

diamonds princess-invisible-crown-pillow thebittymini-via-little-style-little
void[0] Crown 1

One response to “Mood Board XVIII: Crowns

  1. I love this.
    I used to dislike the idea of “wearing an invisible crown” because I thought it seemed…well, snobby. But I’m learning that wearing an invisible (or even visible ;)) crown isn’t about being conceited – it’s about knowing your value and worth – something I’m just now fully embracing at 25.

    p.s. that first pic of Marilyn is stunning, no?!

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