A Birthday Surprise

Since I was in Ohio on my actual birthdays, we had birthday celebration plans for Friday night at 9pm. I had no clue where, but Court made a reservation for the five of us – I was thinking fancy cocktails somewhere maybe? I was exhausted after the week and had an early flight Saturday morning to NYC so wasn’t in a big celebratory mindset – of course, I still forced myself to throw on makeup, a dress and head out. I walk in to her place around 9pm bombarded by tons of friends from every circle in my little San Francisco world. The surprise was an initial three seconds of shock, terror {hands trembling}, sappiness {to the point of tears}, but was a complete joy and such an excitement!

I love, love, love surprises but this one had to be my favorite. I feel so loved by so many people and for that I’m very thankful. Thank you to everyone who came out and especially to Court, Aim, Ali and Rob for planning {and convincing Jordan to fly from Austin just for the surprise!}

What a crown polish, to say the least. xx!


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