January Resolutions

How and why is it already the end of January?! This month has flown by…although I feel like I say that every month. Here’s eight things I’m working on this month – resolutions or goals if you will. Do you have anything you’re working on this month?

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1. Read 3 books

I absolutely love to read – and often don’t allow myself to just sit down and enjoy a book. This month, I’ve been trying to read more. I recently picked up I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron {highly recommend!} and These Girls by Sarah Pekkanen from the library and finished in a few days. Right now, I’m in the process of reading The Secret Lives of People in Love by Simon Van Booy. What are you reading? I’d love any suggestions!

reading and coffee

2. Recipe experiment

Speaking of books, I’ve also been flipping through the Happy Herbivore cookbook and encouraged to try new recipes! I don’t necessarily cook a ton but instead end up assembling meals together – salads, hummus and veggies or chips, etc. I want to take time to actually cook myself meals and try new types of food! First on my list: Mediterranean-style quinoa.

recipe experiment

3. Sing in the morning

Instead of dreading my morning routines, I’ve been trying to take control and change mine entirely. I’ve been trying to journal and stretch after waking up but I’ve also been trying to blast music and start singing. I’ve played and sang to everything from Taylor Swift’s latest album to 90s pop music and find my mood is improved when I give myself a little freedom to be silly in the morning. Singing helps!


4. Book a trip

I’m having a major travel itch right now. I want to book a trip home for spring, but also a trip to somewhere I’ve never before. Maybe it’s because I can’t stop scrolling through my photos from my trip to Paris… On my travel list currently: Seattle, Denver, Boston and pretty much anywhere outside of the United States.


5. Enjoy right now – now

This is something I majorly need to work on. I am always looking forward to what’s to come in the future. This isn’t a bad of thing in and of itself, but if that’s all I focus on, I’ll deprive myself from enjoying right now. I’m trying to slow down and soak up simple, special moments and enjoy where I’m at. A recent trip to the beach to watch the sunset was a wonderful reminder and way to enjoy that moment in the moment – without focusing on my phone, what other people are doing or what else is going on. How do you enjoy the present moment?

enjoy right now

6. Invest in friendships

When I was younger, I was way more focused on quantity over quality – I wanted to be friends with lots of people. Now, I’m more focused on digging deeper into the friendships I have with a smaller group of friends. I’m really lucky in that I’ve made some wonderful friends here in San Francisco and three of my best friends from Ohio also moved here. The way I define “investing in friendships” simply is to spend time with people that I love. To ask questions. To send handwritten notes. To go somewhere even when I don’t really feel like. To tell people how much I appreciate them. It’s obviously easier to invest in friendships when you see someone everyday, but I want to be extra conscious about investing in my long distance friendships – like with these four lovely ladies below.


7. Remain calm

I’ve caught myself getting worked up over small things or letting little things frustrate me way more than they should. I want and need to remain calm – to take that extra deep breath, to count to ten before I respond, to just be. What I wrote almost two years ago still is true: Instead of being ruled by your emotions, but ruled by peace and calmness. Whatever I’m going though does not need to be handled with anxiety and mood swings.

 keep calm

8. Write thankful list morning and night

Saying thank you has proved to be a powerful force in my life. I strongly believe that writing down what I’m thankful for and what makes me happy allows me to find even more things to be thankful for and happy about. I write Thursday Thankful Lists to document the things that week I’m thankful for but want to challenge myself to write down at least five things in my journal each morning and every night. This quote from one my favorite books is always a good reminder: The brave who focus on all things good and all things beautiful and all things true, even the small, who give thanks for it and discover joy even in the here and now, they are the change agent who bring fullest Light to all the world….” To be thankful means to be brave.

Thankful List


3 responses to “January Resolutions

  1. Love this! Especially after the convo we had last night! :)

  2. Girl, you know you got a place to stay in Denver :)

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