It’s been really fun for me to slowly put together my apartment from scratch. I really love decorating {I think I get it from my mom!} and it’s been great to find ways to fill little nooks and crannies in our space. It definitely wasn’t intentional, but I noticed how many TOWERS of books and magazines I have throughout the apartment. Here’s a few of my favorite stacks/piles/towers — whatever you want to call them.

{1} In bedroom: A few favorite fashion magazines and inspiring books topped with a framed photo of my hometown
{2} In bedroom: More fashion magazines and style books with vintage buttons on top
{3} In bedroom: Colorful books and an empty vintage frame on this yellow stool
{4} In living room: Black and white tower of books and magazines with white frog on top
{5} In living room: Green and white tower of fashion magazines and books with a quirky green chair on top
{6} In living room: Random magazines topped with a blue oval vase from Anthropologie

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