Tahoe 7

Every time I take a weekend trip to Tahoe, I’m reminded how small I am. It’s such a fascinating feeling really. I always look forward to escaping the city and experiencing fresh, pine-y air, the majestic mountains, the bright blue water hitting the bright blue sky and the snow-dipped trees – this past weekend was no exception. Fantastic company made the entire trip even better. Here’s a few of my favorite photos from the weekend trip.

Time was spent enjoying 90s music blaring in the car, early morning coffees, lazy walks around the lake, walks through white-treed forests and silly games around the fireplace. I keep replaying the weekend over and over in my head. It’s definitely an experience I’m thankful for!

Thank you to Jenna for hosting us and for a wonderful weekend.

Another Tahoe trip here!

Tahoe 1
Tahoe 2
Tahoe 3
Tahoe 4
Tahoe 5
Tahoe 6


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