Thursday Thankful List

Happy Thursday and Valentine’s Day beauties! How’s your week going? It’s always…interesting…to begin a new week after being out of town but it’s still been a good one. Monday and Wednesday were pretty slow and standard, but Tuesday I was able to stop at Not for Sale’s 6th birthday party. It was awesome to catch up on the amazing work the organization is doing to fight human trafficking {learn more here}. I’m spending Valentine’s Day with a couple of friends enjoying dinner and looking forward to a nice, long weekend.

I recently read this fascinating quote from Abraham Hicks that I’ve had on my mind all week: The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there. The quote reminds me how important it is to always keep my eyes open – to be constantly in a state of wonder – to be thankful for the people, places and things I experience on a daily basis. Recognizing these things and being consciously thankful for them is the surefire way to have more things to be thankful about.

Here’s a few things I’m thankful for today! xx

Tomorrow’s blog post! {I think it’s a good one!}
This beautiful reminder: “see the beautiful truth of who you really are…and tell it to yourself over and over again. throw out the lies today.”
Sending handwritten notes
Birds perched in trees overhead
Lazy weekend mornings
Writing with a pen or marker vs. typing all day
Blooming pink and purple trees
The sound of waves hitting the shore
That today is day two of my 40 Day Prayer Challenge
Morning hikes at sunrise with good friends

Bright red tomatoes
Staying in bed an extra two minutes to say “thank you! thank you! thank you!” for sleep and a new day ahead
Walking through the misty rain
Getting lost in a good book
Dinner with a big group of friends around a big table
Enthusiastic strangers
Lord Huron on repeat
The sun fading into a dark sky at sunset
This adorable Curly Girl Design tray {Christmas present from my parents!}
Curly Girl Design Tray

Twinkly lights in the street
Waking up to texts from my sisters
Weekend trips to Lake Tahoe
Uncontrollable laughter
Watching a movie that reminds me of my childhood
My mom coming to visit in April!
Inspiring conversations
Carrot orange & apple juice
Going to my favorite sushi place
Being in love with my life. Every minute of it!
be in love with your life


2 responses to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. Love the Curly Girl Design tray! Also, random fact: three of the four members of Lord Huron are from my hometown…I went to the same high school as they did, and I used to be good friends with one of their sisters!

  2. Where’s Simo?

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