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Easter Morning

May you keep in mind that Easter is a celebration of life and that our broken, messy world now has hope.  May you be renewed, restored and reborn. May you soak up the wonderfulness of fresh beginnings, second chances and hope.

‘May the with-ness of Jesus be your comforting reality. May you have hope, even in the midst of the dark now, that this story will not end with the lights going out but with the blazing glory of Light rising up. May this hope take your breath away.’ {via Chatting at the Sky}

May your day be flooded with light. May the little things that often go unnoticed capture your full attention. May you be filled with life, from the inside out.

May you remember ‘the resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what the circumstance.’ {more here}

May you not just believe, but experience.

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or just the warm, sunshine-y weather, brunch and colorful pastel colors popping up everywhere, I hope you have a lovely Sunday. I encourage you to embrace – and be thankful for – your blessings here and now. It’s truly a marvelous gift to experience hope and complete joy. Enjoy today! xx



Lovely Links

We made it to Friday!!! Why does reaching the end of the week always feel like crossing through a race finish line? I started my day with a long hike {can’t wait to share photos!} and lots of coffee. This weekend, I’m going to a SF Bulls hockey game and celebrating Easter Sunday. I’m hoping to squeeze in some exploring, relaxation, brunch and reading in there. What are your plans?

Here’s ten lovely things I found online this week. Enjoy! xx

An adorable accessory.

I want to do a DIY photo project.

Social media + validation {really interesting read}

Begin today.

Maybe stress isn’t such a bad thing

What is your “Be Me” Plan? Gracie is quite the inspiration.

YUM. A breakfast Tumblr.

Books you should have read in high school

How to make the most of your weekend!

I have talented friends {photo below via Santi}

be your wild, courageous, brilliant self every single day.

curly girl design

curly girl design

I just love Curly Girl Design artwork and these new typography cards that the artist Leigh released are no exception. I have Curly Girl Design splattered all over my life: in my living room, in my bedroom, on my desk. In this case, I’m inspired by the beautiful, inspiring quotes and thoughts written in “chalkboard style.” Today’s Words for Wednesday shares just a few of my favorites – I think it’s about time I make a few more purchases on the shop online;) Which is your favorite?

Someday is made up of a thousand tiny nows.

Have only one rule: be your wild, courageous, brilliant self every single day no matter what.

Life is long. It is living that we risk being short on.

I am fairly certain that given cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world.

I do not think we know our own strength until we have seen how strong love makes us.

Enjoy your day! xo

curly girl design

curly girl design

curly girl design

how to make the most of your weekend!

How was your weekend? Maybe it’s because I haven’t actually been in San Francisco much lately to enjoy it so I jumped on the opportunity to enjoy this past weekend to the absolute fullest. I wanted to share my advice and recommendation on how to make the most of your weekend {there’s only 72 hours until the next one!}. Here’s ten things that I think will significantly affect your precious Saturday and Sunday minutes. Enjoy!

1. Turn off your email.
Did you know with one swipe/click of a button you can turn off those emails and come back to them late Sunday night or better yet – Monday morning! Your Inbox will always be waiting for you; don’t make a habit of spending your 48 weekend hours checking on work.

2. Wake up early.
The absolute easiest and best way to make the most of your weekend is to start it as soon as possible! I was up by 7:30am both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend and it was glorious! By the time noon rolled around, I felt like I had already done so much {breakfast, visiting Hayes Valley on Saturday, hiking and church on Sunday}. I love that feeling!

3. Play – and get in the habit of it.
It’s okay to act like a little kid! For me, that meant swinging on this rope swing again and laughing at the top of my lungs. Weekends are meant to be lighthearted – don’t take yourself so seriously.
Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 7.27.57 AM
4. Explore!
Plain and simple: go somewhere new. This can be within your own city or taking an impromptu trip out of town. You won’t be sorry either way. I love the way Jon Krakauer puts it in Into the Wild: “the very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. the joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences.”

5. Eat as healthy as possible.
People often use their weekend as “cheat time” away from their weekday diets – don’t be one of them! The more fresh foods you eat, the better you’ll feel. Of course, treating yourself is always necessary but make sure to incorporate veggies and fruits into your weekday meals too.

6. Spend time with friends.
I’m talking about the ones you love and the ones who love you. The ones who make you laugh and the ones you can call when you need a good cry. The “I’m up for anything!” friends and the “I would drop anything for you” friends.
Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 7.28.07 AM
7. Embrace alone time.
As hand-in-hand time with friends and weekends go, it’s also vital to take some time to be alone. Even if it’s a thirty minute walk around the neighborhood or fifteen minutes journaling right when you wake up. I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful it is to be at one with your thoughts and with yourself – and weekends are a perfect time to clear your head and enjoy “me time.”

8. Keep plans loose – go with the flow.
Quit planning and mapping out every single thing you want to do this weekend. Enjoy the spontaneousness of Saturdays and Sundays.

9. Be on the lookout for the small.
That quietness in the mornings when you can only hear birds singing, the blossoming trees lining the streets, the laughing toddler, saying hello as you pass them on the sidewalk, the opportunity to walk instead of drive or take public transportation, the wet grass after an afternoon rain, opening a lid on a new container, being wide awake, building sand castles, the orange and pink and purple and yellow sunset that sets later than usual this time of year. When was the last time you noticed these things?

10. Slow down.
“In our rushing, bulls in china shops, we break our own lives.” There will always be enough time to get things done. Quit rushing around and moving at a mile per minute. Walk slow, breathe deep, live big.
Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 7.28.17 AM

5 Things Your Habits Say About You

Happy happy Monday lovelies! How was your weekend? This past weekend was one of my favorite couple of days I’ve had in awhile {stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post for more details!}. Over the weekend I also read this RELEVANT Magazine article about our daily habits – and how they affect our interactions and experiences with other people. Habits are patterns of our daily decisions and repeated behavior and I think it’s really important to analyze whether the habits you’ve formed are beneficial and healthy or toxic and destructive. Over the years, I’ve discovered it’s much easier to break a positive and life-giving habits {say, praying or journaling daily} compared to giving up a bad habit. Given that it takes about thirty days to form a habit, I’m trying to be very conscious of my good habits – and keep them up!

Read more to learn about five things your habits may be saying about you.
Full article here!

1. They reveal what you value least—and most.

A habit as simple as arriving late or constantly procrastinating can show what you rank at the bottom of your scale of priorities—and also what you rank at the top. What do you hold as important and unimportant in this life? Just take a look at your habits. They will speak for themselves—and most likely, they will speak to others as well.

If you have a habit of working hard, helping others or always being on time to work, it shows that you see a great deal of value in your future, your character and your work ethic. Likewise, if you are perpetually late, interrupt times with friends because you always answer your phone or commit initially only to back out late, it will be clear to the people around you what comes first in your life—and what doesn’t.

2. They reveal where you spend your time.

Habits don’t just happen overnight. If a habit takes 30 days to form, then those 30 days will tell you a lot about your commitments. Are you cutting down on your Starbucks habit so that you can read Scripture in the morning before work? Or are you routinely hitting snooze and falling off your exercise program 10 days in? We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and have to make choices about we’re using our time. We make trade-offs based on what we deem most important at the time—for better or for worse.

3. They reveal the state of your mental health.

Some habits are internal, more than external. They live in our thought processes, our attitudes and our outlook. And if these mental habits go unchecked, it can cause us to live in a state of mental compression because our habits are living our lives for us. But the truth is, mental health is the beginning of all habitual health problems. If a habit, such as envy, lust, comparison, discontent, takes root in your mind, that mental habit is eventually going to be given the reins to the rest of your health if not taken care of.

4. They reveal the state of your spiritual health.

Your habits play a massive role in your sinful nature. Our habits are shaped by either a self-disciplined will, or a powerful felt need—and the latter can often pull us into habitual sin. If you really think about it, most sin is derived from a habit that has been formed over an extensive period of time, and then exposes itself when that habit yearns to be activated. On the other hand, forming habits of prayer and worship can also create virtuous habits that can counteract the destructive pull toward sin.

5. They reveal the state of your physical health.

We’re a society of busy people—and there’s a multitude of fast food, drive-thru options just for our convenience.

Look at your food and exercise habits: do you make late-night taco runs, put off your gym membership renewal, lounge around playing video games all weekend? Or do you make it a point to work out three times a week, floss your teeth daily, fill your cart with produce? Your habits will tell you a thing or two about your physical health.

It’s easy to go about our days as usual—with our habits and routines fixed in place without a thought. But if we do evaluate our default patterns, we might learn what we’re doing well and where we have room for improvement. And in 30 days, we might even be able to turn ourselves around.



Dear Rightful Girl

You belong on this earth, you belong in the room. You belong to humanity and you belong to everything good and true. You belong.

Remember this for the weekend {and always}.
Lots of love,

Thursday Thankful List: 10 Things I'm Thankful for Right Now

Happy Thursday beauties! Hope you’re having a nice week. I’m really thankful to be getting back into the swing of things around here. In the midst of our chaotic days and weeks, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate what we are thankful for at a very given moment. Sometimes in the middle of our crazy days, it’s hard to remember what we’re grateful for – what makes our hearts sing. If you’re having one of those crazy days, I encourage you to step away from your desk and take a five minute walk outside. Or just take a mental vacation and shift your thoughts from your to-do list to a “what I’m thankful for” list. Or text someone telling them how much and why you love them. Thinking about people I love always pours more and more reasons to be thankful into my head and hands.

Here’s 10 things I’m thankful for right now. Now it’s your turn to share!

1. Daylight Savings Time — more time to soak up the sunset goodness after work. The weekend seem longer and lovelier with the extra sunshine.

2. Juicing! I’m on day four of another juice cleanse with Thrive Cleanse. Feeling very thankful for rested nights and energetic days.

3. Reading a good book — I’m currently juggling three books: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, Everything Beautiful Began After by Simon van Booy and An Apology for Idlers by Robert Louis Stevenson. There is something about getting lost in a good book {sounds cliche I know…} that makes me way too happy.

4. Phone calls with the right people at the right time — preferably from my favorite queens: my mom, grandma or sisters.

5. Perspective — my sisters and I have been sharing stories we’ve found on the Makes Me Think website and they are heartbreaking and beautiful and hard and so good at the same time. Some stories are happy and inspiring and others are difficult to wrap my head around. All of them provide me with much needed perspective. The storie begin with “Today…” and end with MMT {Made Me Think}. Here’s a few:

Today, my 8-year-old brother came into the living room crying as my parents and I screamed at each other again, and said, “I wish you all loved each other as much as I love you.” MMT

Today, nearly 15 years after he passed away in a car accident on our three-year anniversary of dating (which also happened to be our high school prom night), his mom, who I have remained in touch with, showed up at my door with an engagement ring she found under a floorboard in her son’s old bedroom. Along with the ring were several hand-written notes detailing his plan to ask for my hand in marriage. MMT

Today, I met a 53-year-old pediatric neurosurgeon who retired early and lives in a trailer in a remote part of Africa simply so he can perform surgeries and provide medical care free of charge to children in need. MMT

6. Certain songs on repeat — for me this week: Gypsy by Suzanne Vega and Ghost on the Shore by Lord Huron. Really just thankful Courtney has amazing taste in music and puts it all on Spotify for me to enjoy.

7. A college education and joy-filled four years spent in Athens, Ohio. — This article made me teary this week.

Ohio university

8.  Rest — as much as I love the gogogogogo-ness of life, it is so nice to get back to my regular routines. To simply sit down and rest.

9. Sending and receiving handwritten mail —makes me so very happy to come home and find a little surprise in my mailbox. I also love hearing from people when they received a card or package I sent them.

10. The here and now — Reading Ann Voskamp’s blog is always a daily crown polish and joy refresher that I need. This post is no exception. I really like the way she illustrates how we can dare to live where we are with what we have right now. More below!

When Monday gets caught in your teeth like a piece of spinach, the crazy thing is you could dare to laugh  — it gets things unstuck. You could — you could dare not to take yourself so seriously. Dare to not to give yourself a lecture, but dare to give yourself grace. So go ahead — Dare to be brilliant — just seek the light in everything. Dare to Give Big because this is how you Live Big. Dare to believe that it’s only your own sacrifices that show up at your funeral.

The here and now