Thursday Thankful List

One of my favorite things about blogging is hearing how my stories and little piece of the Internet affects their life in a positive way. It’s a humbling and beautiful experience for me to read an email or text message from a blog reader where they share their story with me. I received a surprise email from Reegan {remember her Dose of Joy post?} sharing what she’s thankful for. In a flood of emails, this email gem in my Inbox was a crown polish during this past crazy week. Thank you for that Reegan!

Yesterday I read this line that hit me hard and fast: “everyone gets to decide how happy they want to be because everyone gets to decide how grateful they are willing to be.” It was such a simple, yet profound reminder that we have the power to dictate our own happiness and our happiness stems from being thankful.

Here’s what Reegan is thankful for:
The fact that I’m excited to come to work everyday
The wonderful children and families I am blessed to have in my life
Learning to love and appreciate the lessons that come from a diverse culture
My upcoming trip to Spain/Morocco!
My best friend, Stefanija, words can not express the importance of such solid relationship
Coffee (I’m always thankful for this)
Finding that perfect pair of shoes that put extra pep in your step every time you wear them
That moment when you realize people have complete trust in you
Maybe kinda sorta figuring out what I want to do when I’m “grown up”
The opportunity to continue my education
My awesome city
Ice Cream

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