Favorite Morning Moments in Barcelona

G Hotel Central 4

I’m going to share lots of travel posts on Polish My Crown this week. Hope that’s okay! I’m really excited to share my adventures with you here.

One of my favorite mornings in Barcelona was spent enjoying breakfast at City Bar inside of the Grand Central Hotel. The hotel is centrally located in Barcelona on Via Laietana in the Ciutat Vella district. Marta, Phil and I enjoyed a light breakfast of freshly pressed orange juice, lattes and pastries while enjoying the decor and aura of the cafe. Fresh flowers and aorable signs reading”Drinking Champagne and Dancing on Tables” and “Enjoy the Rest of your Day!” splattered the tables and I couldn’t stop smiling and soaking up the amazingness of the entire room. After breakfast, we headed to the rooftop to check out the arguably best view of the Barcelona skyline. Imagine enjoying this rooftop pool in the summer or grabbing drinks at sunset up here with friends!

Next time I’m in Barcelona, I absolutely will be coming back to this gem of a spot.

G Hotel Central 3G Hotel Central 2G Hotel Central 5G Hotel Central 1


5 responses to “Favorite Morning Moments in Barcelona

  1. Oh Barcelona is my absolute favorite city in the world! I studied abroad there 4 years ago and am always looking for new-to-me places to check out on a return trip!

    • Gillian – it was such a beautiful city and cool experience! Definitely check this spot out! More of my favorite places to come…xo

  2. LOVE all these photos! “Drinking champagne and dancing on tables” should be our mantra. At least we have one down…haha

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