Darling, let's be adventurers!

Hike 1

“the very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. the joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences.”

I also just started reading Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and this line reminded me how new adventures and experiences are intertwined with joy. Impromptu adventures really are my very favorite. Zach is the one person I can always count on to be up for any adventure, any time. We met up early Saturday morning for coffee and breakfast at The Mill and then trekked over to Billy Goat Park. The park is pretty small with a lovely view of San Francisco – you can see downtown, Bernal Heights and the Bay Bridge right from the top. The definite best part of the park was the rope swing. What a perfect opportunity to act like a little kid again! Such a great day.

Hike 4

Hike 3
Hike 2


4 responses to “Darling, let's be adventurers!

  1. Andi!
    Saw when you posted this picture of you and so glad it made it to the blog! So amazing! Marking that rope swing as a to-do if I ever make it to SF! I found this article recently and thought you might want to see it – Into the Wild isn’t on the list, but it should be! It’s 10 books you should have read in high school. Books that I want to re-read now that I’m older!


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