Lovely Links

We made it to Friday!!! Why does reaching the end of the week always feel like crossing through a race finish line? I started my day with a long hike {can’t wait to share photos!} and lots of coffee. This weekend, I’m going to a SF Bulls hockey game and celebrating Easter Sunday. I’m hoping to squeeze in some exploring, relaxation, brunch and reading in there. What are your plans?

Here’s ten lovely things I found online this week. Enjoy! xx

An adorable accessory.

I want to do a DIY photo project.

Social media + validation {really interesting read}

Begin today.

Maybe stress isn’t such a bad thing

What is your “Be Me” Plan? Gracie is quite the inspiration.

YUM. A breakfast Tumblr.

Books you should have read in high school

How to make the most of your weekend!

I have talented friends {photo below via Santi}

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  1. :) yay for the link!

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