Easter Morning

May you keep in mind that Easter is a celebration of life and that our broken, messy world now has hope.  May you be renewed, restored and reborn. May you soak up the wonderfulness of fresh beginnings, second chances and hope.

‘May the with-ness of Jesus be your comforting reality. May you have hope, even in the midst of the dark now, that this story will not end with the lights going out but with the blazing glory of Light rising up. May this hope take your breath away.’ {via Chatting at the Sky}

May your day be flooded with light. May the little things that often go unnoticed capture your full attention. May you be filled with life, from the inside out.

May you remember ‘the resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what the circumstance.’ {more here}

May you not just believe, but experience.

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or just the warm, sunshine-y weather, brunch and colorful pastel colors popping up everywhere, I hope you have a lovely Sunday. I encourage you to embrace – and be thankful for – your blessings here and now. It’s truly a marvelous gift to experience hope and complete joy. Enjoy today! xx


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