every morning can be the beginning of your life.


happy monday! i hope you had a wonderful weekend and easter sunday. as you may have noticed on instagram {from here and here}, i went on a sunrise hike on friday. it was by far one of the most surreal mornings of my life and i’ve been in a bit of a hazy wonder thinking about the experience all weekend. we climbed the mountain just as the sun was peaking through the trees and when we walked through the forest, we were literally on a cliff ABOVE the san francisco fog {those photos coming later this week!}. the morning reminded me just how small i am and just how great, majestic and beautiful this place we call home and earth is. what a wonderful blessing to realize!

the hike/walk reminded me of a line i read in a simon van booy book: “every morning can be the beginning of your life – you have thousands of lives but each is only a day long.” 

make the most of your mornings. have a beautiful day!
all photos here snapped by the talented zach {more hikes with Z here and here}.



2 responses to “every morning can be the beginning of your life.

  1. How beautiful! I am so jealous that you can go out in a denim coat! Unfortunately there is still snow on the ground here – I can’t wait until spring here to go for hikes too!

    • Brittany – it was beautiful! Your warm weather will come soon enough — enjoy the pretty snow while you can. Thanks for commenting! xo

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