Thursday Thankful List: Big Sur

Happy Thursday! Today’s Thursday Thankful List is focused on the beauty of Big Sur and the enchanting experience I had visting over the weekend. While hiking and enjoying the beach were both amazing, one of my favorite moments from the trip was simply sitting by a stream. I sat along the water, listening to the slow water roll down the stream, crashing into rocks. I took the opportunity to journal {almost ten pages!} and a piece of what I wrote was a list of what I was thankful for at that moment. Here’s the list – and a few favorite photos from our trip.

Hope you have a great day – and take five extra minutes to write down what you’re thankful for. xo

The feathered dusting of powdered sugar
Pale pink sunset over the beach – too pretty to filter
Ombre skies – pink, orange, blue, purple in a row
Majestic redwood trees
Dirty hands
Nature walks down tree-lined paths
Green moss covering the mountain
Dinner in good company
Waking up to the sound of birds singing their morning song
Streams and the sound of cold water hitting rocks
Ponytail holders
Tree carvings
Climbing rocks in the ocean!
The opportunity to spend a full weekend with my mom
Picnic tables
Feet in the sand
The not-quite-day sky turning not-quite-night
Honest and real conversations
Tree climbing
Balconies overlooking the Pacific Ocean
Zero cell phone service
Winding tree lined roads
Skin hitting clean and fresh sheets before bed
Only hearing nature
Waves crashing the shore
Big Sur Bakery
Almond Croissants from Big Sur Bakery
“It is good” – celebrating the good in my life
Afternoon outside naps
Sun shimmering on my skin
Saying “good morning” to someone I don’t know
The moments before 8am
Feeling small
Singing at the top of my lungs
Cheerful babies
Multicolored rocks in the water
Holdes in the rock in the middle of the ocean
Bark and leaves and sticks and dirt
Big Sur 1

Big Sur 3

Big Sur 6

Big Sur 5

Big Sur 7

Big Sur 10

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