Remembering This Today.

In an interesting, surprising and quite inspiring way, Brave Girls Club emails have changed my life. My mom encouraged me to sign up for the daily emails over two years ago and now I wake up each morning excited for the ray of sunshine in my Inbox. The emails are encouraging, loving, nourishing and quite often, EXACTLY what I need to read that that given moment. This post is no exception. Enjoy!

Dear Patient Girl,

There will come a time when you can’t really even remember why or how you were so hurt and devastated. It will even become difficult to try to recreate the memories and the pain of the memories. Someday you feel complete healing.

Suddenly, the parts of your life that used to hurt so much will simply be short chapters in your rich life story. Where once you thought that devastating experiences were THE STORY of your life, you will see that they were actually only just the set-up and the build-up and the lead-in of the real story.

There will come a time when your hurts no longer define you or consume you, when they are just sprinklings of the big picture, the big story of your big life. There will even come a time when you will see how necessary those parts were to your story, that nothing else could have made sense without them.

You will see. Be patient with it all. Every good story has opposition, tragedy, and the overcoming of it all. YOUR STORY is a beautiful big rich story. Embrace all of the parts of it and see them in their proper perspective.

You are the brave heroine. You are the main character. You have such a beautiful, beautiful story and there are so many incredible chapters still to come.

Keep being brave. You are so loved.



4 responses to “Remembering This Today.

  1. I love this post, Andi! So inspiring and so true!

  2. I loved this post Andi… what an inspiration!

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