My 3 Favorite iPhone Apps

I try to do my best to write as much as I can in my journal every morning or night. This includes my daily thankful lists, my goals and dreams and often my sleep and exercise habits. Over the past few months, I’ve discovered three iPhone apps that make documenting these things much easier  – and more fun! The three apps hold me accountable for my goals, health and wellness habits and thankful lists. I can check or update each app within a couple of seconds and stay on top of my health and happiness right from my phone. Wanted to give you lovelies a little more info about each and why and how I use the apps.

Definitely download Everest, Happier and Juice today!

Everest is an iPhone app that I use to track my goals and create steps to take to accomplish them. The app features a Challenges section where you can view categories of challenges curated by other app users. For example, under the Adventure category, a few goals are: climb your first rock wall, go on a weekend camping tip and hike a national park. This section is my favorite because it allows me to set goals and dreams that I didn’t even know I wanted to do beforehand. I also highly recommend checking out the Everest Journal, which features inspiring stories and interviews. Bonus: the company is based in San Francisco!

 Happier is a beautifully designed iPhone app that allows you to share and collect little life moments that make you happy. The app encourages you to share three each day and place them into different categories. My top categories are being outside, family, learning new things and being grateful. It’s an awesome way to document the little things you are thankful for each day and it’s really cool to go back and see the specials moments you’ve experience over time. Writing down and consciously recognizing things that make me happy and thankful is something that’s really important to me – and this app makes it way easier. 

Juice is an app that encourages healthy change. The app was created by Mindbloom and allows you to rate and track your sleep, exercise and eating habits each day. Each week you’ll receive a report that shares your activity patterns affecting your energy. My favorite feature of the app is the library of tips related to exercise, sleep, nutrition, mood, relationships, balance and stress from dozens of top healthy experts. One tip I loved was “build in fun activities into your schedule” and the app gave examples like: host a game night with friends, ask friends what funny things have happened to them recently, ride roller coasters, act like a kid! 



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