Twentysomething Girl

I’m currently reading Twentysomething Girl by Melissa Fiorenza and Laura Serino. The lovely little book shares 1,001 “quick tips and tricks to make your life easier.” It’s jam-packed with short and sweet pieces of advice for gals in their twenties – from beauty and fashion to travel and etiquette and everything in between. It’s a perfect morning coffee or airplane {which I’ll be doing today} read. The book is accented with adorable illustrations from Kristina Hultkrantz.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the book:

  • Save the personal personal calls for your lunch hour. Outside. On your cell phone.
  • Gotten love dear old grandma – except when she asks you for the gazillionth time when you’re getting married (or having a baby, and so on). Answer: “I’m so enjoying my career right now, but I’m excited for that chapter of my life, too, whenever it begins!”
  • If you’re wondering if you’re too old [to wear] it, you probably are.
  • Keep your coffee in the freezer – it’ll last three weeks longer than if you stick it in the pantry.
  • Next time you spill nail polish on your wood floor or furniture, let it dry – then scape it off with a credit card or butter knife.

This is a perfect gift for any twentysomething lady in your life {or yourself, naturally}. You can buy the book here. Enjoy!

Twentysomething Girl


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